10 Taco Bell Menu Items From The 1990s You Probably Forgot About

Remember those Taco Bell treats from the ’90s you probably forgot about? This little trip down memory lane is all about those blasts from the past. From the crunchy Extreme Nachos to the inventive BLT Taco, we’re diving into some of the coolest, tastiest menu items that made the ’90s at Taco Bell something special. Whether you were all about that spicy kick or the unique twists on classic flavors, this look back will hit you right in the nostalgia.

BLT Taco

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Introduced as a unique twist on the classic BLT sandwich, the BLT Taco incorporated bacon, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a soft taco shell instead of bread. The smokiness of the bacon paired perfectly with the freshness of the lettuce and tomato, creating a refreshing yet savory experience. This item was a hit for those seeking a lighter, yet flavorful option, blending traditional American tastes with Taco Bell’s signature style.


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The Enchirito was a delightful hybrid between an enchilada and a burrito, filled with beef, beans, and onions, then smothered in red sauce and topped with melted cheese. Its inception in the late 1970s continued to be popular through the 1990s, offering a messier, fork-required eating experience that combined the best elements of its namesake dishes.

Volcano Burrito

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Launched alongside a promotional campaign featuring scenes from the 1995 film “Congo,” the Volcano Burrito quickly became famous for its fiery red sauce and a mix of seasoned beef, beans, rice, and cheese. Its bold flavors and affordable price made it a favorite among spice enthusiasts. Though it was eventually discontinued, the fervent fanbase led to its brief return in the 21st century, and as of 2024, it remains a staple on the Taco Bell U.K. menu.

Bell Beefer

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The Bell Beefer was Taco Bell’s answer to the burger, essentially a sloppy joe with a taco twist. It consisted of taco-seasoned beef and toppings like lettuce and tomato, all piled onto a burger bun. This menu item catered to those who wanted the flavors of a taco but in a form more familiar to American palates. Although it was eventually phased out, the Bell Beefer still holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of many Taco Bell aficionados.

Big Border Taco

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Bigger was indeed better with the Big Border Taco, a larger version of Taco Bell’s standard taco designed to satisfy heartier appetites. It featured more of everything—more beef, more cheese, and more lettuce, wrapped in an oversized taco shell. This item was introduced to cater to customers seeking a more filling option without straying too far from the classic taco format.

Extreme Nachos

Image Editorial Credit: Taco Bell Wiki

The Extreme Nachos were a bold addition to Taco Bell’s menu in the 1990s, featuring a generous portion of crispy tortilla chips covered with beef, jalapeños, and a hearty helping of nacho cheese. This dish was particularly popular for its spicy kick and the satisfying contrast between the crunchy chips and the gooey cheese. Taco lovers enjoyed this as a filling snack or a shareable side, appreciating its robust flavors that stood out even in a menu filled with options.


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The Gordita, meaning “chubby” in Spanish, featured a thicker, pita-like shell compared to the standard taco shell, filled with cheese, lettuce, and a choice of meat. It offered a different texture and a more satisfying chew, with a slight puffiness that held more filling. The Gordita became a beloved choice for those who wanted a bit more bite to their taco.

Seafood Salad

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In an attempt to diversify its menu, Taco Bell ventured into less traditional territory with the Seafood Salad. This dish included a blend of shrimp and white fish, mixed with traditional salad ingredients and a zesty dressing. It was part of Taco Bell’s broader effort to cater to a wider range of tastes and dietary preferences, though it remains one of the lesser-remembered menu items.


Image Editorial Credit: Taco Bell Wiki

This was a simple but beloved item, mixing melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce rolled up in a soft tortilla. It was a minimalist favorite for those who wanted something different from the usual taco or burrito.

Chili Cheese Burrito (Chilito)

Image Editorial Credit: Taco Bell Wiki

This burrito was filled with chili-flavored beef and melted cheese. It gained a cult following due to its unique flavor and simplicity. Though it’s disappeared from most menus, some regions in the U.S. occasionally bring it back as a nostalgic item.

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