8 Insider Tips for Mastering Self-Checkout at Grocery Stores

If you’re about to hit the self-checkout with your groceries, here’s a heads-up on some cool tips and tricks that clerks wish you knew. From when to skip the self-checkout to the best way to bag your buys, these little secrets can make your shopping smoother and quicker.

Skip The Self-Checkout if You Have Coupons

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Remember, some stores have policies that don’t allow coupon usage at self-checkouts, so save yourself the hassle by heading to a cashier where they can be easily applied. Additionally, if you’re unsure whether a coupon applies to a specific item, it’s easier to clarify with a cashier than to navigate the self-checkout system’s limitations.

Scan Items in The Order You Plan to Bag

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Start with heavier items first, like cans and bottles, then move on to lighter, more delicate items like bread and eggs. This prevents fragile items from getting crushed and ensures your groceries are packed safely. Moreover, consider grouping similar items together to streamline the bagging process, such as keeping all produce or frozen items together.

Avoid Covering Barcodes

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If an item doesn’t scan properly, try rotating it or adjusting its position rather than covering the barcode with your hand or another item. This simple adjustment can save time and frustration for everyone. Additionally, be mindful of items with reflective packaging or shiny surfaces, as they may require extra care to scan properly.

When Bagging Organize Items by Size and Weight

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Keep fragile items separate and on top of heavier ones to avoid damage during transit. Taking a few extra seconds to organize your bags can save you from potential spills or accidents later on. Moreover, consider bringing your own reusable bags to minimize waste and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Use The “Help” Button

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Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if you’re unsure about how to proceed or encounter any issues during checkout. Store staff are there to help ensure a smooth shopping experience for everyone. Additionally, be patient and respectful when seeking assistance, as other shoppers may also require help.

Ready Your Payment

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If you’re using a mobile payment app, make sure it’s open and ready to scan before you reach the payment step. This saves time and prevents delays while you fumble with your phone at the checkout. Remember to keep your payment method easily accessible to expedite the transaction process.

Double Check Everything

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Take a quick look around to ensure you haven’t left anything behind before leaving the self-checkout area. It’s easy to overlook items, especially if you’re in a rush, so a final glance can save you from having to return to the store later. Moreover, check your receipt to verify that all items were scanned correctly and any discounts or coupons were applied as expected.

Skip It if  You Have More Than 20 Items

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Large orders can slow down the self-checkout process, leading to delays for other shoppers. Save time for yourself and others by using a regular checkout lane for bigger hauls. Remember, the self-checkout is designed for quick transactions, so it’s best suited for smaller purchases.

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