Publix Deli Review – 4 Great Eats from A Supermarket

Publix Deli Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders

Price $6.99/lb

Product details

* Baked chicken, 8pc
* Fresh from the deli
* Traditional flavor
* Great for picnics and parties
* Fresh chilled
* Publix quality meat

Product Review

The Publix Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders were reported to provide a notably spicy and satisfying taste experience.

The tenders, described as well-sized and seasoned with a spicy rub, received praise for their quality.

The heat level of the chicken was significant, rated around 4 to 4.5 out of 10, suggesting a considerable spiciness that might appeal more to those who favor spicy foods.

The tenders were enjoyed both alone and with dips, specifically Publix Deli honey mustard and ranch, which were noted to temporarily mitigate the spiciness.

Rated the Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders an 9 out of 10, implying a strong recommendation, especially for spice enthusiasts.

Publix Deli Mojo Pork Meal

Product details

* Mojo pork dinner
* Fresh from the deli
* You pick the two sides
* Great for picnics and parties
* Grab and go for dinner
* Publix quality meat

With 2 Sides and a Roll

48 Hours Advanced Notice Required. If the item is needed sooner, please call your Publix store.

Product Review

I recently tried the Publix Moho Pork Meal, which cost me $8.99. This meal came with moho pork, two sides – carrots and gouda mac and cheese – and a King’s Hawaiian Roll. I found the carrots sweet and soft, and the gouda mac and cheese impressed me with its creamy texture and smoky flavor. The moho pork was the highlight, tender and juicy with a seasoning that I really liked, reminding me of Publix’s rotisserie chicken with moho seasoning.

I was pleased with the generous amount of pork provided. Sometimes, the meal includes flavorful juices at the bottom, enhancing the overall taste. I thought about making a slider with the King’s Hawaiian Roll, combining it with the moho pork and mac and cheese. This meal felt like a comforting, home-cooked meal and seemed like great value for its price.

Regarding packaging, I have a preference for the white styrofoam containers Publix used to use, as they seemed to offer more side dishes. Despite this minor issue, I was very satisfied with the meal and would rate it a 90 out of 100.

Publix Chicken Tender Sub

$9.49 / lb

Product details

Publix Deli famous double hand-breaded chicken tenders.

Hot Chicken Tenders and Choice of Cheese

Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds Ranch

Product Review

  • The cheese curds have a crispy crust with small crunchy bits, offering a satisfying texture.
  • The white cheddar cheese curds balance firmness and softness, with a mild and flavorful taste.
  • The ranch flavor is described as pleasant and zesty, contributed by ingredients like buttermilk and vinegar, though it might not be immediately identifiable as “ranch.”
  • There’s a slight aftertaste to the seasoning, which is noticeable but not overly unpleasant.
  • The breading is thin yet flavorful, with an adequate level of saltiness and visible green herb specks.

Size and Filling Nature:

  • The cheese curds are generously sized and come in chunky nugget shapes, deemed more satisfying than typical mozzarella sticks.
  • They are filling, with a substantial amount of cheese, making them quite hearty.

Ingredients and Health Considerations:

  • The primary ingredients are white cheddar cheese curds, bleached wheat flour, and a blend of spices, flavorings, and colorants.
  • There is some concern over certain ingredients like Yellow 5 & 6 dyes, MSG, and cottonseed oil, which may not appeal to health-conscious consumers.
  • The cheese curds are fried in a corn and cottonseed oil blend, which includes TBHQ & citric acid as preservatives and Dimethylpoly Siloxane as an anti-foaming agent.

Reheating and Storage:

  • Publix recommends keeping the cheese curds extra crispy by cracking the bag open to release steam.
  • They can be reheated in a toaster oven, air fryer, or frying pan and are said to regain their original crispiness after reheating.

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