12 Ordering Mistakes You’re Making At Subway, According To Employees

We’ve all been there—standing in line at Subway, eager to build the perfect sandwich, only to realize later that we might have made a few missteps. Subway employees see these mistakes every day, and they have some tips to help us avoid common pitfalls. From choosing the right bread to managing our sauce levels, these insights can make a big difference.

Requesting Bread Straight From The Oven

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Many customers believe that requesting bread hot from the oven ensures freshness. However, employees note that it can disrupt the bread-making process and may result in undercooked or overly doughy bread. The bread at Subway is baked multiple times a day, ensuring it is fresh without the need for extra heating. Instead, opt for toasting if you want a warmer sub. Remember, the standard baking process is designed to deliver optimal quality without special requests.

Ignoring The Italian Herb And Cheese Bread

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Italian Herb and Cheese bread is a favorite among employees for a reason. It adds extra flavor and texture to any sub. Customers who stick to plain bread are missing out on this enhanced taste experience. This bread option pairs well with nearly all the sandwich fillings, making your meal more enjoyable. Next time, consider trying it to elevate your Subway experience.

Choosing Flatbread For A Meatball Sub

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Flatbread might seem like a healthier or more convenient option, but it doesn’t hold up well with meatball subs. The flatbread’s thin structure often can’t support the weight and sauce of the meatballs, leading to a messy eating experience. Employees recommend choosing a sturdier bread option for such hearty fillings. This ensures your sandwich maintains its integrity from first bite to last. For the best meatball sub experience, stick to traditional sandwich bread.

Overloading Your Sub With Sauce

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While extra sauce might seem like a good idea, it can lead to a soggy sandwich. Employees often see customers overwhelmed by excessive sauces, which can mask the flavors of the ingredients. Moderation is key to enjoying the full profile of your sub. Too much sauce can also make the sandwich difficult to eat, with sauce dripping everywhere. It’s best to ask for a balanced amount to enhance, not overpower, your sub.

Mixing Up Sub Names: Spicy Italian Versus Ham

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Confusing sub names can lead to ordering mistakes. The Spicy Italian is packed with salami and pepperoni, which might not be suitable if you’re in the mood for ham. Employees suggest always double-checking the ingredients if you’re unfamiliar with the sub names. Ordering correctly ensures you get exactly what you crave. If you’re ever in doubt, asking for clarification can save you from an unsatisfactory meal.

Doubling Up On Meat For Wraps And Meatball Subs

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Double meat can be tempting for more protein, but it doesn’t always work well with wraps or meatball subs. Wraps are not designed to handle the extra volume and can fall apart. Similarly, meatball subs can become too bulky, making them hard to manage. Employees recommend sticking to single portions for these options. For a satisfying meal without the mess, consider other ways to add protein, like extra cheese or a side dish.

Toasting Subs Without Liking Crunchy Bread

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Toasting a sub will inevitably make the bread crunchy, which might not suit everyone’s taste. Some customers are surprised by the texture change and find it less enjoyable. If you prefer your bread soft, it’s best to skip the toasting. Employees advise clearly stating your preference to avoid unwanted crunchiness. A non-toasted sub still offers a great taste experience with the bread’s natural softness.

Skipping The Veggie Toasting Option

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Toasting can enhance the flavors of many sub ingredients, including veggies. Some customers avoid toasting their veggies, missing out on this extra layer of taste. Toasting vegetables like peppers, onions, and mushrooms can bring out their sweetness and add a delightful crisp. Employees often suggest toasting for a more flavorful sub. Next time, give it a try to enjoy a more robust flavor profile in your sandwich.

Forgetting To Warm Up Cookies

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Subway cookies are delicious, but they’re even better when warmed up. Many customers don’t realize they can ask for their cookies to be reheated. A few seconds in the microwave can make the cookies softer and gooier, enhancing their taste. Employees recommend this simple step for a more enjoyable dessert. Don’t miss out on this easy upgrade for your sweet treat.

Not Planning Ahead For Bulk Orders

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Subway can handle large orders, but employees appreciate advance notice for bulk purchases. Ordering many subs at once can overwhelm the staff and lead to longer wait times. Calling ahead allows the team to prepare and ensure quality service. It’s courteous and ensures your order is ready when you need it. For large gatherings or office orders, always plan ahead to avoid delays.

Overstuffing Your Sandwich With Veggies

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Loading up on veggies is a healthy choice, but too many can make your sub hard to eat. Employees note that overstuffed sandwiches often fall apart, spilling fillings everywhere. Balance is key to enjoying your meal without the mess. Opt for a moderate amount of each vegetable to keep your sub intact. This way, you enjoy the fresh flavors without compromising the sandwich’s structure.

Forgetting To Spread Sauces Evenly

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An uneven distribution of sauces can lead to some bites being dry while others are too saucy. Employees recommend asking for sauces to be spread evenly across the sub. This ensures consistent flavor in every bite. A well-balanced sub is more enjoyable and satisfies better. Don’t hesitate to request even sauce application for a better dining experience.

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