18 Kitchen Tips You’ll Actually Use

If you’re looking to make your time in the kitchen a bit easier and a lot more fun, you’ve stumbled upon the right spot. I’ve put together 18 super handy kitchen tips that you’ll actually use. Whether you’re trying to simplify your cooking routine, organize your space, or just make the most out of your kitchen gadgets, these tips are all about making your life easier and your kitchen more efficient.

Store Peanut Butter Jars Upside-Down

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Turning your peanut butter jars upside-down helps distribute the oil throughout the jar, making it easier to stir and use right down to the last scoop. This method prevents the oil from accumulating at the top, so you don’t end up with dry peanut butter at the bottom. Moreover, it ensures that the peanut butter remains creamier and easier to spread throughout its use.

Prep Your Cheese Grater with Cooking Spray

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Spraying your cheese grater with non-stick cooking spray before grating cheese makes the grating smoother and cleaning easier. It prevents cheese from sticking to the grater, ensuring you get every bit of cheese without extra hassle. This tip is particularly useful when working with softer cheeses that tend to stick more frequently.

Create Extra Storage Space with Hooks

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Installing hooks in your kitchen can dramatically increase storage space. They are perfect for hanging utensils, towels, or pots and pans, making them easily accessible and freeing up cabinet space. This is a straightforward and cost-effective solution to optimize your kitchen layout.

Rescue a Salty Soup with Raw Apple or Potato

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Adding a raw apple or potato to a salty soup can help mitigate the saltiness. These ingredients absorb some of the salt from the soup, making it more palatable. After a few minutes, remove the apple or potato pieces before they overcook and alter the soup’s flavor.

Use Plain Charcoal Briquettes for Fresher Fridge

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Using plain charcoal briquettes in your fridge can help absorb unpleasant odors. This natural remedy is safer and more eco-friendly than chemical deodorizers, and it effectively neutralizes smells, keeping your fridge smelling fresh. Simply place a few briquettes on a plate and replace them every month for best results.

Use a Potato Peeler to Easily Create Chocolate Shavings

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A potato peeler can be your best tool for creating perfect chocolate shavings for decorating desserts. By gently pulling the peeler across a bar of chocolate, you can get uniform and beautiful curls that melt in your mouth. This technique works best with a block of chocolate that’s slightly warm.

Use a Silicone Spatula to Remove the Last Bits of a Jar of Peanut Butter

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A silicone spatula is ideal for scraping out the last bits of peanut butter from the jar, ensuring you waste less and enjoy every last spread. This tool reaches into the corners and under the jar’s lip better than a knife. Its flexible edges conform to the shape of the jar, maximizing yield.

Use a Toothbrush to Easily Clean Hard-to-Reach Crevices

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An old toothbrush can be repurposed to clean difficult spots in kitchen appliances. It’s perfect for reaching into crevices where food particles and grease can accumulate, helping to keep your appliances in pristine condition. Regular cleaning also prolongs the life of your kitchen tools.

Oil Your Board to Prevent It from Absorbing Odors and Liquids

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Regularly oiling your wooden cutting board helps seal the surface, preventing absorption of liquids and odors. This simple maintenance step extends the life of your board and keeps it sanitary. Use food-grade mineral oil for the best results and to avoid rancidity.

Put Baking Essentials on a Lazy Susan

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Placing your baking ingredients on a Lazy Susan makes it easier to access everything you need without searching through cabinets. This rotating tray simplifies your baking process and saves time. It’s also great for holding spices or condiments at the dining table.

Freeze Sauce Cubes in Egg Cartons

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Repurpose empty egg cartons as molds for freezing small portions of sauces or pesto. This tip helps you save and conveniently use just the right amount of sauce later, reducing waste and hassle. Once frozen, pop the cubes out and store them in a freezer bag for easy access.

Use the Eggshell Itself to Remove Broken Shell in Your Cracked Eggs

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If you end up with shell pieces in your cracked eggs, use a larger shell fragment to scoop them out. The sharp edge of the eggshell is perfect for catching smaller bits of shell more effectively than your fingers or a spoon. This method is quick and reduces the risk of contaminating your eggs.

Use a Potato Masher to Mash Avocados

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A potato masher is an excellent tool for quickly mashing avocados for guacamole or spreads. It provides a uniform texture and is much faster than using a fork. This tool is also useful for preparing other soft fruits or vegetables.

Dice Eggs with a Cooling Rack

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A cooling rack can be used to dice hard-boiled eggs evenly and quickly. Just place peeled eggs on the rack and gently press them through with your palms. This method is ideal for preparing salads or egg fillings for sandwiches.

Use a Straw to Easily Remove Cherry Pits

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Removing cherry pits can be simplified using a straw. Just push the straw through the cherry to push out the pit without making a mess. This technique is especially useful when preparing large quantities of cherries for baking or preserving.

Use Frozen Grapes as Ice Cubes

Image Editorial Credit: ZAHRA22 / Shutterstock

Frozen grapes can cool your drink without diluting it like ice. As a bonus, they add a touch of elegance and a tasty snack once your drink is finished. This tip works well for all types of cold drinks, including cocktails and punch.

Use a Slice of Bread to Pick Up Small Shards of Glass

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After a glass breakage, press a piece of soft bread over the area. The bread will pick up tiny glass shards that are hard to see and sweep up, making cleanup safer. This method helps ensure that no small pieces are left behind, which could cause injury later.

Organize Snacks with Cupcake Liners

Image Editorial Credit: Walmart

Use cupcake liners to separate and serve snacks at parties or for kids. They are the perfect size for portions and can make your snack tray more appealing and organized. This also helps in controlling portion sizes and reduces cleanup.

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