Aldi’s April Finds Are Finally Here! These Are Our 25 Must-Haves


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Fusia Asian Inspirations Shrimp Lo Mein, Price -> $4.99

  • Even with shrimp in the mix, there’s nothing diminutive about this lo mein. It’s brimming with a variety of vegetables including mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, red bell peppers, and onions — quite the medley! Ready in just 10 minutes, this dish, alongside Shrimp Fried Rice, will be available in the freezer section starting April 5.

Season’s Choice Egg Fried Riced Cauliflower, Price -> $2.79

  • Aldi’s freezer section has often been the subject of our praises, and this vegetable-centric dish is yet another highlight to mention. Starting April 19, the steam-in-bag riced cauliflowers, available in Egg Fried and Thai Green Curry flavors, are perfect for a fast and convenient meal at any time of day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Sundae Shoppe Mini Ice Cream Cones, Price -> $4.79

  • Every summer, Aldi’s freezer aisle becomes a treasure trove of ice cream treats for both kids and those who are kids at heart. It seems they’re kicking things off early this year with these mini ice cream cones in vanilla and chocolate. They’re the ideal choice for when you’re craving a touch of sweetness. Available starting 4/12.

Emporium Selection Deli Sliced Habanero Jack Cheese, Price -> $2.15

  • Still searching for a compelling reason to visit Aldi? Let their expansive cheese assortment be your motivation. They continuously update their selection, and this month, they’re introducing spicy habanero slices. Ideal for spicy cheeseburgers or a fiery grilled cheese sandwich, these slices will delight anyone with a penchant for heat. Available starting 4/12.

Season’s Choice Garlic Parmesan Fries, Price -> $3.79

  • Burger and fries night just got elevated with these garlic and cheese fries. These frozen spuds are prepped for the oven but can also be cooked in an air fryer. A handy tip: I extend the baking time for my fries a bit to achieve that extra crispiness. They’ll be available starting 4/10.

Burman’s Key Lime Habanero Hot Sauce, Price -> $2.99

  • For those who appreciate a good hot sauce, Burman’s newest citrus-infused selection is a must-try. Offering flavors like blood orange and lemon-lime, these sauces promise to elevate grilling marinades all summer long. Available starting 4/12.

Clancy’s Cinnamon Churros, Price -> $1.49

  • Aldi seems to have a special knack for items in red bags. These crunchy churros capture all the goodness of Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists in a convenient, multi-serving package. Look for this delightful sweet treat to return to shelves on April 26.

Park Street Deli Hatch Green Chile Cheddar Dip, Price -> $2.79

  • If you adore cheese, make Aldi your weekly destination. Their cheese aisle is extensive, affordable, and utterly tasty. The latest addition is a cheddar dip infused with the fiery flavor of hatch green chilies. Pair it perfectly with that earlier mentioned crisp bread or dive in with some crunchy celery and carrot sticks. Available starting 4/12.

Sundae Shoppe Oat Milk Fruit Bars, Price -> $3.39

  • For those who need to avoid dairy, these oat milk and fruit bars are the perfect treat for sunny days. Opt for blueberry, banana, or enjoy both for a delightful springtime snack. Availability starts on 4/17.

Earth Grown Lemon Pepper Tofu Cubes, Price -> $3.59

  • The lemon pepper tofu cubes come already marinated and sliced, significantly cutting down on preparation time! We suggest reaching for your cornstarch and cast iron skillet to achieve a delightfully crispy exterior. Consider serving them alongside the riced cauliflower for a dish that feels even more substantial. Look for them in the refrigerator section starting April 12.


Kirkwood Mexi Cali Style Chicken Burgers, Price -> $8.99

  • Right as grilling season kicks off, Aldi introduces ready-to-cook chicken patties bursting with Mexi-Cali essence—a blend of red onion, red and jalapeño peppers, pepper jack cheese, cilantro, and spices. Imagine these topped with fresh avocado slices and pico de gallo. Additionally, there’s a Mediterranean variant of the patties, ideal for stuffing into a pita with hummus and/or tzatziki. Both options promise a flavorful twist to your grilling menu. Available starting 4/12.

Specially Selected Everything Norwegian Crisp Bread, Price -> $2.99

  • If the photo made you think, “That’s bread? Looks more like crackers to me!” you’re not alone. This traditional Norwegian bread resembles what many would consider a cracker, enriched with seeds and whole grains, and this version includes everything seasoning. Fortunately, Aldi has an ample selection of those as well! Available starting 4/10.

Simply Nature Organic Pesto alla Genovese, Price -> $2.99

  • Jarred sauces are the saviors of weeknight dinners, turning meals into a reality. That’s why, starting April 12, you’ll want to grab this beloved pesto off the shelves. It’s perfect mixed into pasta, but don’t stop there—try it in dips, breads, salads, and beyond. Plus, as an added treat, Aldi is reintroducing Pesto Rossa, crafted with luscious sun-dried tomatoes, to its lineup!

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Flatbread, Price -> $5.99

  • In Indiana, pulled pork macaroni and cheese has risen to fame as a favorite food truck dish, and now we have the chance to enjoy this combination atop a crispy flatbread. Grill it, add a dash of extra barbecue sauce, and slice into squares for a fantastic cookout starter. Available starting 4/3.

Priano Fontina & Truffle Ravioli, Price -> $3.69

  • I can’t resist anything with truffles, although they’re usually not the most wallet-friendly ingredient. Their chilled ravioli are generously filled with a blend of fontina, Parmesan, and ricotta, all enhanced with truffle oil. Ready in just five minutes, they would taste divine with a browned butter or cream sauce. Available starting 4/3.

Bake Shop Lemon Frosted Sugar Cookies, Price -> $3.95

  • Lemon epitomizes the essence of spring and summer, and these beautiful cookies fulfill that zesty expectation. Who can resist soft sugar cookies topped with lemon frosting? I’ll happily grab a dozen—or maybe two! Here’s a tip: sandwich a scoop of vanilla soft serve between two cookies for an unbeatable ice cream sandwich. Available starting 4/24.

LiveGfree Gluten Free English Muffins, Price -> $4.79

  • Aldi offers an impressive range of gluten-free options and frequently updates their product line. Their English muffins, available in cinnamon raisin, are perfectly crafted to soak up melted butter in every nook and cranny! They will be available starting 4/17.

Millville Crispy Rice Treats, Price -> $2.79

  • As we approach the final leg of the school year, it’s clear there have been countless packed lunches by now. If you and your children are craving a change, Aldi is here to help. Their delightful rainbow crispy rice treats are sure to reignite your kids’ enthusiasm for their lunch boxes. Available starting 4/3.

Baker’s Corner Strawberry Pie Filling, Price -> $2.99

  • For years, I’ve turned to Aldi for all my baking needs. They stock everything from flour and sugar to pie crusts and fillings, ensuring you have what you need to create a spectacular dessert. Apple and cherry pie fillings have always been staples, and now I’m thrilled to find new seasonal varieties, such as strawberry and blueberry. Available starting 4/12.

Burman’s Asian BBQ Sauce Spicy Bulgogi, Price -> $2.99

  • Burman’s is the go-to brand for condiments at Aldi, and their latest offering of Asian-inspired barbecue sauces arrives just in time for cookout season. Available choices include a spicy bulgogi sauce, a Japanese style, and a sweet and savory Korean variant.  Available starting 4/12.

Fremont Fish Market Seafood Boil, Price -> $9.99

  • Fancy a classic seafood boil without the hassle? This frozen meal for two simplifies the process, significantly reducing both prep and cooking times! In less than ten minutes, enjoy a delightful mix of shrimp, mussels, red potatoes, sausage, and corn, all seasoned with Cajun spices. Pair it with some crusty bread for a complete meal. Available starting 4/12.

aldi seafood boil in a bag

Casa Mamita Street Taco Meal Kit, Price -> $9.99

  • Taco Tuesday is about to become a breeze. This complete meal kit includes all the essentials for crafting street tacos filled with pork carnitas, cilantro pesto sauce, and a blend of poblano peppers and onions. Ready in just 20 minutes, you’ll still have ample time to whip up some Mexican rice and a quick batch of restaurant-style salsa. Available starting 4/24.

State of Brewing Dragonfruit Imperial Hard Seltzer, Price -> $8.99

  • Among the numerous hard seltzers I’ve tried, a dragon fruit flavor has always eluded me — until this moment! Starting April 5, these bubbly beverages elevate the fruitiness with added touches of pineapple and soursop, offering a unique taste experience.

Plant-Based Meatless Crumbles, Price -> $4.49

  • In addition to their gluten-free selection, Aldi has significantly expanded their plant-based product range over the last year. For families avoiding meat, it’s a must-see! Their meatless crumbles, crafted from pea protein, serve as a perfect substitute for one pound of ground meat in dishes like tacos, sloppy joes, casseroles, and beyond. Available starting 4/10.

Earth Grown Vanilla with Chocolate Chip Cookies Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cookie Sandwiches, Price -> $4.29

  • On that note, these frozen cookie sandwiches could easily have their own catchy tune. Echoing the classic Chipwich, a favorite from the ice cream truck, these dairy-free delights will hit the freezer aisles on April 12, side by side with their cocoa cookie variants. My calendar is already marked for their arrival!


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