20 Things YOU should be Buying at ALDI in February 2024

1. Cutting Board

  • Price: $8.
  • A kitchen tool combining a knife and cutting board for efficient cutting.


2. Knock Your Sprouts Off Bread: Organic sprouted grain bread.

  • Price: $3.79
  • Description: Made with organic sprouted wheat berries, millet, oats, and more, with only 1g of added sugar from honey and molasses.


3. Money Tree

  • Price: $9.
  • A 5-inch plant believed to bring good luck, available in two different pot styles.

4. Irish Butter: 80% grass-fed butter.

  • Price: $2.19 for 8 oz
  • Description: Subcontracted from Cary Gold, this butter is predominantly grass-fed, adhering to Irish Dairy law for non-GMO grain during winters.


5. Cordless Steam Iron

  • Price: $20.
  • A convenient ironing solution without the hassle of a cord.

6. Digital Display Air Fryer

  • Price: $40.
  • Over 3-quart capacity with features like shake reminder and warming mode.

7. Extra Large Two-Slice Toaster

  • Price: $20.
  • Comes with bagel mode and easy-clean crumb tray, available in captivating blue or white.

8. Single Origin Coffee: Including organic options

  • Price: $5.45 for regular, $6.19 for organic
  • Description: High-quality coffee beans from single origins like Guatemala and Colombia, offering traceability and superior taste.


9. Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

  • Price: $20.
  • A compact kitchen gadget for making Belgian waffles.

10. Coconut Cashew Crisps: Paleo cookies.

  • Price: $2.69 for a 3 oz packet
  • Description: Made with real coconuts, cashews, and sweetened with coconut sugar. The sea salt caramel variety is recommended.


11. Over-the-Door Wire Organizer

  • Price: $7.
  • Enhances drawer and cabinet storage.

12. Pre-Made Quinoa and Brown Rice: Packed in organic extra virgin olive oil.

  • Price: $2.29 for an 8.8 oz packet
  • Description: A convenient, healthy side dish option with simple, clean ingredients.

13. Activity Tracker

  • Price: $5.
  • Tracks steps and calories without smartwatch connectivity. 

14. Mini Ice Cream Bars Variety Pack

  • Price: $4.49.
  • Includes a highly enjoyable white chocolate flavor.

15. French Press

  • Price: $15.
  • Available in stainless steel and matte black, for making coffee at home.

16. Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher

  • Price: $8.
  • For frothing milk or making hot chocolate, dishwasher safe.

17. Premium Nutrition Blender

  • Price: $30.
  • Similar to the Magic Bullet, includes a tumbler and lids.

18. Two-Tier Bento Box

  • Price: $7.
  • With three compartments and bright utensils, perfect for portion control.

19-Piece Food Storage Set

  • Price: $8.
  • Colorful, BPA-free containers for various storage needs.

20. Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

  • Price: $6.
  • Large bottle to motivate and track water intake.

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